Pliegos (W) is a free publication. Each issue is made up of 4 sheets of 60 x 40 cms. Each one is specially designed by a different graphic designer and it contains 5 to 10 texts from different collaborators of diverse backgrounds. The texts are part of a discussion or analysis of one of the main topics of the publication: Social Architecture, Futures, Education and Design. It is organically distributed, it travels from hand to hand and it can be shared as a whole or in independent sheets, it travels to expand the web and to enrich the discussion. (W) looks for people interested in improving the cities, for new projects, for participation and citizens willing to help their community. (W) is a detonator of ideas, it is a blank canvas ready to capture ideas and document processes, it is a moldable tool with the capacity to evolve according to the needs of the collaborators and people interested in the project.