Semillero Efímero

Pavillion in Alameda Central
México City, 2018

Team: Melissa Gutiérrez, Regina Gutiérrez, Raúl Gómez, Ricardo Salazar, Rafael Balverde, Pamela Díaz, Sofía Gómez

El Semillero (the seedbed) was an urban installation in Alameda Central in Mexico City. A track with multiple access points that occuppied an area of 20 by 5 meters; built with a modular system of wooden frames and wrapped with an orange screen that contrasted with the purple color of the Jacaranda trees that populated the site. 

The challenge was to propose a space that, beyond being contemplative, activated the appropriation and interaction of the installation. A playful space for experimentation where human experiences were evident.

*After disassembly, all materials (wood, fixtures and screen) were donated for the reconstruction of a house in San Gregorio after the earthquake. 

“El Semillero (the seedbed) is a space that activates and promotes appropriation and interaction. A playful space for experimentation that calls for participation and collective play.

We interpret the game as a dynamic that is easy for adults and children to recognize, where performance skills, creativity and coexistence are learned and put into practice.

The game is suggested by a large playful device and a small-scale object –the seed–, we seek spontaneity and proof, there are no instructions or rules. We hope that visitors, recognizing a game possibility, will feel driven to create and participate.

The Seedbed is a space that can be explored, a game device, a provocateur, a space where everyone creates their own rules. The seed alters the space with its shadows and colors, it also travels with the actor and play continues wherever the seed goes to.”