Modular Units for Learning 

Team: Ileana Luna + Karla Salas

Children perceive the space that surrounds them according to their scale and stage of development. Play is very important in their learning processes, it stimulates their imagination and allows them to adapt reality to their own needs.

A rigid space or the wrong scale will not allow the child to develop freely. In this cases the space ceases to be a positive factor in the process and becomes an barrier for children to learn in their own way.

Architecture for education has not evolved enough in México. Children with fewer opportunities are destined to settle in overcrowded schools that do not meet their needs. Many of them are rigid and cold spaces that lack of stimuli needed for their age.

MUNIS is a system of modular learning spaces that challenges the traditional spaces for education. After a semester of research on childhood and learning systems we developed a modular system that can be adapted to diverse plot areas and populations of children from 4 to 12 years old. 

A board game is the tool to develop this new system flexible spaces for the development of Mexican children. It also is used as a tool to connect with the community, specially the children, and welcome then in the early stages of the project. The design prioritizes the freedom of each student and their needs according to their stages of development, giving great importance to the main user: the child.