Identity Gamble

Fall 2018
Team: Rodrigo Escandón, Nitzan Silverman, Ingrid Dobloug Roede, Nof Nathansohn

Identity Gamble is a game and art installation, a set of  instructions for an impromptu game, and by extension, a commentary on boundaries and belonging. Through playing, we reveal–and become aware of–the everyday objects we carry with us that provide or limit access, and denote identities.

Identities are established, allegiances revealed, common traits discovered, and divergences divulged, as players compete for cards. Identity Gamble is a strategy game played by two or more participants, using all documents carried on their person to communicate, assert, manifest, profess, claim, prove, or verify identity, henceforth known as cards. The objective of Card Game is to collect all cards in play. Patrons converge at the playing field (kitchen table, airport floor, waiting room, lobby sofa), each holding their hand of undisclosed personal cards. The game is played in rounds, each player in turn declaring an identity associated with a card in their possession. All players must give up every matching card, adding them to the caller’s collection. If a faulty identity is called, the owner of the original card can call out the move and take back the card. When a player is out of cards, they leave the game. Identity Gamble ends when one player, having revealed their shared categories of identification with all others, holds every card in play. (Text by Ingrud Dobloug)

Video installation by:

Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman
Nof Nathansohn
Ingrid Dobloug Roede
Melissa Gutiérrez Soto
Nitzan Zilberman